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Tips to stop a mice infestation in your house fast. Learn how to get rid of mice and control an infestation naturally.

Using dryer sheets is another way to repel mice and or rats in a car. Plus they smell a whole lot better than moth balls! Here is how to use them.

When homes are infested with mice, humans will often find chewed up wires, books, papers and insulation around their home. Mice aren't eating these items, they are chewing them into pieces that they can use to make their nests. This is because mice nests are made from whatever the female mouse can find.

Aim to admire and respect their amazing ability to survive, instead of being disgusted by it. Compare their species to ours and see how many things we have in common with them: the functions of the body; basic animalistic needs; the ability to convey emotion. It's all there. If you study a mouse's behaviour closely, you'll see that they're actually very clean animals that build nests, have maternal instincts (just like us), and arrange their habitat to suit their needs accordingly.

But don’t jam up every hole in your house or your home won’t be able to breathe , which means using those aluminum window screens over openings like windows, door sweeps, vents, and chimneys.

Does peppermint oil repel mice? It makes your home smell nice and gets rid of mice, so that makes it the perfect mouse repellent right? WRONG!

White Mice - Try A ThingWhite Mice - Try A ThingWhite Mice - Try A ThingWhite Mice - Try A Thing