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Экскурс в историю прималов (ну или праймалов, кому так больше нравится): что это за звери, откуда берутся, чем каждый из них знаменит. В текстовом и видеоформате .

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Gumbo said neither the government nor Mugabe’s family has an interest in Zim Airways, although the company took AirZim’s failed proposal.

Twice a year IraSME issues joint calls for proposals for transnational cooperative research projects between SMEs and RTOs with the objective to develop innovative products, processes or technical services. Currently, the network connects Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, the region Nord-Pas de Calais and Russia. Additional countries and regions are planned.

"I am happy about the announcement and we are already planning to go to Zimbabwe. We are talking with our promoter to find dates and are in the process of coming up with something ," she said. 

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“This is not new. It is year in, year out; he is sick, he dies and resurrects. His life until the age of 92 revolves around illness and death,” Charamba said.

Zim Zim Zim - The Private TapesZim Zim Zim - The Private TapesZim Zim Zim - The Private TapesZim Zim Zim - The Private Tapes