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Through the fall of 2003 and winter of 2004, they worked on their debut LP, recording songs in their living rooms and bedrooms using borrowed gear. They sent a CD-R of the record to Moon in April 2004, and one week later in an Instant Messenger conversation, he offered to release it on Kill Rock Stars ' sister label 5 Rue Christine . [3] Terrorbird was released in July 2004, and the band embarked on a 31-day, 32-show tour to promote it, without using a booking agent. [ citation needed ] The band played with bands such as Fat Day and Rapider Than Horsepower . To promote their first LP to say thanks to their mostly Los Angeles-based fanbase, they released The Mae Shi 2004 Mixtape . The 70-minute tape collects their favorite parts from their favorite 2000 songs. [4]

Mae Shi, The - HeartbeepsMae Shi, The - HeartbeepsMae Shi, The - HeartbeepsMae Shi, The - Heartbeeps